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Once a month as part of my bloodwork done a day before my chemo session, I'm usually given a cup and told to go to the restroom to give a sample. The results are then set to Dr. "M" my oncologist who tells me on my every third week visit how great things are getting.

Huston, we have a teeny-weeny problem: I have elevated protein levels in my pee. No session today... and none for next week for that matter. A quick visit to his office (and at the last minute) confirmed what the chemo nurse surmised, that the Avastin is affecting the kidneys to output the extra protein, so I won't be getting the blood vessel-inhibiting drug during these two weeks (it was going to be Avastin only next week anyway). I find some irony in this, as I will be taken off the drug a month or so before the Great Reattatchment so the operation can have the best chance of success.

In other health news, I my be allergic to something.
When I was briefly at ICC today, I showed my assigned chemo nurse the rashes on my hands that I've had for the last week since I was there, I even told Dr. "M" this and he scripted me for OTC Claritin to see if it helps. If it doesn't, he might have to recommend an allergist to see what it might be.


Oct. 28th, 2010 04:30 pm
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Hows this for teh funneh: Some farmer Brown type tried to Mack on Madre at Aldi's. His jets cooled when he found that he's 5 years younger than ma.
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Is the internet played out, to the point of being one big "Meh" in regards to it having that exciting and new to it?
Or is it just me and the situation I'm now in that feels like that, I don't know.
Maybe I'm just into the "it is just a utility" phase of seeing things, just need email and a few directions via Mapquest or something.

I don't know, but I'm feeling rather meh right now anyway.
There are times I really want to give Microsoft a collective punch in the neck. After a massive update that M$ does seemingly every Tuesday, I lost all my personal files and some apps on Portabrayne's HDD today. What Recuva did find is a mixed bag of some of the files I thought I lost forever, files from others, and some I never saw before. I saved them all to the external as soon as I could, but I couldn't find more recent stuff that I had on there.

I wonder how far back in Quicken I restore from backup.
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Earlier I let loose on this page that I might have something to say about my medical future in regards to my current condition. Well here's the current low down: Shortly after the holidays, I'll be letting Dr. V reattach my tailpipe so I'll be able to get rid of *The Bag*. It seems that Dr.s V&M met up with each other recently at SWGHC and I was mentioned, and Dr. M said my progress was going splendidly. When I saw Dr. M on Monday, he told me of this and advised for me to make an appointment with Dr. V asap. I had scheduled it for about 2:30 this afternoon, but got out of Ireland CC about an hour and a half before my scheduled visit, so I went to the Sunrise Deli in the main lobby and grabbed a V8 and surfed the net a little more.

Arriving at Dr. V's office at 2pm, I pretty much starred at her aquarium for about 45 minutes while in the waiting room. I really don't know what she has in there for sure, but I know that there are three angel fish, two mini catfish, a black and orange fish that looks like a salt-water clown fish, and three others that I have not a notion as to what they are.

Anyway, after being called in by one of the assistants and shown the room I was to go in; blood pressure taken and a remark that I look different (I regained weight I had lost because of the NPO restriction I was on during my initial stay last year,) I must have waited about another 30~45 minutes for Dr. V herself to come in. Before a very TMI-type of exam I had to endure, we agreed that the procedure would be better if it was done after the holidays, but I'll know better after a follow-up on December 15th.
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After chemo I'll be heading to the surgeon's office for a consult...
I'll let you know later what that is about.
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Since Rok has not but a radio of the AM/FM variety, I recently did something about it by buying a couple months ago a small 2 gig MP3 player. There have been times where I wasn't in the mood (or the session like today but an hour,) to take the lappy with me to chemo. I'd just kick back catch some Z's and listen while the infuser does its thing. The only hard part is what I'll put in it.
Yesterday I finally had the impetus to actually get a Gigaware Universal Transmitter to play the music through Rok's aforementioned radio.
Results: Aside from some fine tuning to make sure I was on an empty station and gain levels, it works as expected. It is too bad nobody thought of putting a 1/8" stereo aux input in car radios until as of late, the quality would be much better.
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Hey, how are all ya?
Obviously I could be doing better (like posting more often,) but really the same old-same old would get more boring than I'd care to talk about. If one hasn't noticed, I've put my postings on LJ under friends-only lock again. Anybody who wants to read my posts under public level will have to go to my DW account from now on.
No Level-5 tonight, so I just strummed around and watched the Tribe lose another game. When baseball is totally done for the year, will I get back on the creative track again, or at least get the Throbadelic Core(R) back up and running properly? Or a new "Battle Axe" chapter/ "Robots of Future Past" completion (this one about the LIS robot "B-9")?

Getting late, might as well post as-is...
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Exactly a year ago I was diagnosed.

I Suck!

Sep. 15th, 2010 07:29 pm
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Went to El-5 last night to help out with things, mostly getting the mic cables straightened out so they would hopefully correspond to the channel inputs on the recording mixing board. Somehow it looks like the whole snake and other connections will have to be redone, as nothing really worked after that.

As for the suckage, there are two reasons:

1. I accidentally set off the room alarm when I entered the studio. No I don't know the code to disarm it, I'm just glad KW was in the area to reset it. LT was showing a practice room to somebody at the time.

2. I need to learn more chords, 'specially of the open voicing nature (read: B and F), as I got lost while trying to play along on Blackie during an informal jam.
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First the bad: I'm up to 238 lbs now.

The potential good: Depending on the continual blood work results and what the next CAT in six months, I have three (at least) outcomes:
1. I continue chemo after that point.
2. I stop all chemo except for taking an oral version of Fluorouracil (a.k.a. 5-F.U.) at home.
3. Totally stop chemo. I still go through tests to keep an eye on the tumors.
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Played the acoustic at L-5 tonight, sounded good enough through the PA system. Just jammed around a bit. I do need to play to the mp3s I do have to get the real songs down.
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Just got Blackie my Yamaha acoustic back from GC: action lowered after having the bridge saddle filed down, a Fishman undersaddle pickup installed, plus a case.
I tried out the improvements through an amp in the acoustic department...

I am blown away by the sound and playability, should have done this sooner!

I tried to play some parts over each other in Audacity, the latency is horrendous in that program so I must try my usual recording program (Cakewalk's Music Creator).
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Sometimes I just want to copy someone else's status, word for word, and see if they notice.
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Since there won't be any action at Level-5 tonight, I took Blackie to GC for a setup and to install a Fishman Matrix under saddle pickup. Will be getting it back sometime next Thursday.
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I'm done (as of Sunday[8/15]) of watching "Max Headroom"; all I have are memories of spiced rum coolers and ranch chip dip. /obtuse

(LJ/DW extra): I'm going to watch the extra features just because I can, and I want to know more. I may search to see if anyone shipped any Edison Carter/ Theora Jones stories. I don't want to know about Murry/Bryce/Grossburg/Cheviot slash though... [shudders] Or perhaps a crossover or two.

It got me thinking of all the movies that were played out in a dystopic settings (yes, especially "Blade Runner") similar in a way to MH: the outcasts, the corporate control of society in general, and whatever tech the creative types who were dreaming nightmareing up these potential futures. (I'm referring them as potential as they haven't happened... yet.)

Max Headroom's society is based on the possibility that the future will have ten thousand channels/networks that everyone will get for free, yet there is really nothing on,let alone a computer network scheme that doesn't take the Infotubenethingamajig that we enojoy today into concideration, until Edison Carter's mind and memories are copied to computer files after getting into an "accident" when he discovers a dangerous TV advertisement technology (30 second ads compressed to 3 seconds a.k.a. "Blipverts") that causes fatal side effects to the lazy. Those files, plus Bryce's (Mr. Whiz-kid of the show) ability to make a digital avatar of those files,creates a simulation of Edison who in turn becomes a sentient program that bears the MH moniker.

The real difference between MH and all the rest, aside from the witty one liners from The Governator's that sometimes he said, is that the series can actually be funny and smart at times to buffer the depressing scenery.

To those who didn't get the food ref, Seagrams had a spiced rum cooler and Frito-Lay had a dip that was ranch flavored. I liked them too much before they got ganked just like Max did. Oddly enough, I consumed these products during during the show.
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My CAT results: 38% more shrinkage, with any lung lesions clear. The only non-shrinkage is one in the liver at about 2cm in size: it hasn't grown, but it hasn't shrunk either. Dr. M believes it might be scar tissue but keep an eye out just in case.
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Warning: TMI within! )

What can be said outside of the cut is that I was scheduled for 2:45p, but forgot to go in an hour earlier. After drinking the berry flavored Barium shake quickly (not because it was tasty, it was, I was famished at the time.) I had to wait alone in the waiting room for the Barium to make its way through.


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