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What's that noise?

Just the sound of your brain turning inside out!

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Created on 2009-05-01 15:47:52 (#174823), last updated 2011-08-23 (317 weeks ago)

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Name:Jim Marshall
Location:Ohio, United States of America

Musician/composer who dabbles in bass & regular guitar, as well as whatever synth or noisemaking whatnot I have at the time. Had a couple of tapes reviewed in Jim Santo's demo tape column in Alternative Press in the early 90's.

If I befriend you: For some reason, it might be because you are an interesting individual
or even because you might have friended me first.
If you befriend me first, I'll check your journal to see where your head is at, and then decide.
If I de-friend somebody (which will be very rare,) it will be only because I was de-friended first.


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