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Well received notice from Ohio's department of social services (a.k.a. "Dept of Oblah-dee, Oblah-dah") that my appeal to have another hearing has been denied. Among the usual bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo in the letter, it was claimed that I was a NO-SHOW for the scheduled hearing...

Pukies, pure and simple! I was there a half hour before my appointment, it was my unfamiliarity with the building that made me late by a few minutes, trying to find where to go. In light of this, I'm going to just say "screw 'em", and hope that some day this form of "stay busy, but do nothing-ness" is done away with.

Sheesh, even Commieland countries have/had their own Politburos to deal with!
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After a two-week hiatus, I'm back to the usual schedule chemo wise.
I had to be changed over to another source of my colostomy bags. Even though in the past I paid out of pocket for my orders, Edgepark won't even do that anymore or they would loose their license to do business through Medicare/Medicaid. I did get another provider, but I'm only allowed to order one box at a time due to Medicaid restrictions.
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Today I was supposed to have an appeal hearing about my problem with Medicaid as to why certain medical bills are not being taken care of.

Beef #1: This the reason I still call MapQuest "the internet's compass-with a broken needle": The directions called for me to take a right on E.13th from Superior to get to the Cleveland office on Payne [Bzzzt!] The office is at the intersection of E.17th and Payne!

Beef#2: My appointment was for 8am, but the offices aren't open before 8, they open at8! Couple that with being there for the first time and not knowing where the room was, I ended up being late anyway and I have to reschedule the hearing for a more convenient day/time.
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