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Long time no post again, eh? Not being to sit at the computer for any longer than 5 minutes a stretch will do it.

Getting my last chemo until after I recover from the Great Re-Attachment in a couple of weeks, but I'll be going through pre-admission testing this Tuesday. I'll have to see an orthopedic specialist sometime in the future about my right knee sometime in the future, it feels tight and sore right now.

I've yet to get time to upload what meager amount of car show pics I have, even though I'm wasn't real impressed much with what this year's show had to offer.
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As of 6:30 this evening EDT, Rok'r the S-10 has new alternator and serpentine belt. Runs as it should.
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About the only updates I can offer as of now, is that I have a CT scan for next week Thursday. That, and today is another sibling's BD.

Oh, I really should shower so I can get a copy of IM's "The Final Frontier" and the finally released American version of "Max Headroom". I found that I also should replace the truck's serpentine when I finally get to the alternator swap.

I should be more enthused than this.
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Damn, looks like the truck's alternator is going gimpy on me. With a whole week of medically-related crap (my oncology stuff and Madre getting her last cateract taken care of).

Sounds like a fun fucking week.

At least taking the weekend away from the intertubenethingamajig was the best idea I've had for a while.
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A little bummer news from today's chemo nurse: my white count is a little bit lower than usual, but I feel fine: no fever, but had a case of the green apple two-step yesterday.
I did get the truck's oil and diff gear oil changed after chemo. I should plan on having the fuel filter, radiator and tranny fluids changed out next time.
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Its amazing how nearly nothing happens when one is for all but absent on LJ...

Go the upcoming chemo schedule up until the first week of July: looks like I'll be getting another half-hour of sleep from now on, but I'll still have chemo. I wonder how much more I have to go through.

"T" will be more than likely will be away from work until the end of the month, so I'll be doing at least a couple 6a~2 or3p shifts until then. Her mother came through the operation, but not without being spared a mild stroke and a small heart attack in the process. Somebody give this family a break already?!

I'll have to beg/borrow/buy a pop rivet gun, as there is something hanging by a wiring harness underneath the S-10, and I don't know how long it has been like that to begin with.
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Note to self: It is bad enough to ride or drive in Madre's car once a day, but twice in as many days?! Are you crazy self?
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I do believe my mother's car hates me; I always get a sore butt cheek after traveling in it.

Iz Back

Mar. 4th, 2010 06:30 pm
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There were not many cars worth taking pix of this year (I miss Pontiac already, *sob*,) but I did get some pix of what caught my eye and idiots weren't standing in my line of sight thereof. I wish these morons would notice that people with cameras are trying to take some pictures at car shows (Rod & Custom, as well as manufacturer level shows) and get the frak out of the way!


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