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Hey, its me again.

Due to a mix up with my chemo order, I didn't have my session yesterday, but today. It seems the receptionist that over works for my oncologist is off for this week, and my orders didn't get faxed until last night. For a while I thought it was something wrong on my side, like some obscure paper work that didn't get done or something, but that wasn't the case. For the first time in weeks, I didn't feel like taking a nap while in the chair*, I guess those car/bike fab shows on Discovery was that interesting enough!

* The chairs at chemo are not Lay-Z-Boy issue. In fact, they are the most uncomfy recliners ever made.
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Once a month as part of my bloodwork done a day before my chemo session, I'm usually given a cup and told to go to the restroom to give a sample. The results are then set to Dr. "M" my oncologist who tells me on my every third week visit how great things are getting.

Huston, we have a teeny-weeny problem: I have elevated protein levels in my pee. No session today... and none for next week for that matter. A quick visit to his office (and at the last minute) confirmed what the chemo nurse surmised, that the Avastin is affecting the kidneys to output the extra protein, so I won't be getting the blood vessel-inhibiting drug during these two weeks (it was going to be Avastin only next week anyway). I find some irony in this, as I will be taken off the drug a month or so before the Great Reattatchment so the operation can have the best chance of success.

In other health news, I my be allergic to something.
When I was briefly at ICC today, I showed my assigned chemo nurse the rashes on my hands that I've had for the last week since I was there, I even told Dr. "M" this and he scripted me for OTC Claritin to see if it helps. If it doesn't, he might have to recommend an allergist to see what it might be.
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Earlier I let loose on this page that I might have something to say about my medical future in regards to my current condition. Well here's the current low down: Shortly after the holidays, I'll be letting Dr. V reattach my tailpipe so I'll be able to get rid of *The Bag*. It seems that Dr.s V&M met up with each other recently at SWGHC and I was mentioned, and Dr. M said my progress was going splendidly. When I saw Dr. M on Monday, he told me of this and advised for me to make an appointment with Dr. V asap. I had scheduled it for about 2:30 this afternoon, but got out of Ireland CC about an hour and a half before my scheduled visit, so I went to the Sunrise Deli in the main lobby and grabbed a V8 and surfed the net a little more.

Arriving at Dr. V's office at 2pm, I pretty much starred at her aquarium for about 45 minutes while in the waiting room. I really don't know what she has in there for sure, but I know that there are three angel fish, two mini catfish, a black and orange fish that looks like a salt-water clown fish, and three others that I have not a notion as to what they are.

Anyway, after being called in by one of the assistants and shown the room I was to go in; blood pressure taken and a remark that I look different (I regained weight I had lost because of the NPO restriction I was on during my initial stay last year,) I must have waited about another 30~45 minutes for Dr. V herself to come in. Before a very TMI-type of exam I had to endure, we agreed that the procedure would be better if it was done after the holidays, but I'll know better after a follow-up on December 15th.
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First the bad: I'm up to 238 lbs now.

The potential good: Depending on the continual blood work results and what the next CAT in six months, I have three (at least) outcomes:
1. I continue chemo after that point.
2. I stop all chemo except for taking an oral version of Fluorouracil (a.k.a. 5-F.U.) at home.
3. Totally stop chemo. I still go through tests to keep an eye on the tumors.
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A little bummer news from today's chemo nurse: my white count is a little bit lower than usual, but I feel fine: no fever, but had a case of the green apple two-step yesterday.
I did get the truck's oil and diff gear oil changed after chemo. I should plan on having the fuel filter, radiator and tranny fluids changed out next time.
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Its amazing how nearly nothing happens when one is for all but absent on LJ...

Go the upcoming chemo schedule up until the first week of July: looks like I'll be getting another half-hour of sleep from now on, but I'll still have chemo. I wonder how much more I have to go through.

"T" will be more than likely will be away from work until the end of the month, so I'll be doing at least a couple 6a~2 or3p shifts until then. Her mother came through the operation, but not without being spared a mild stroke and a small heart attack in the process. Somebody give this family a break already?!

I'll have to beg/borrow/buy a pop rivet gun, as there is something hanging by a wiring harness underneath the S-10, and I don't know how long it has been like that to begin with.
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The only place I could get to was Facebook while at chemo today. Not even web-based email was possible, so I napped to a re-broadcast of last night's Tribe game.
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I finally broke down and bought a copy of Naturally Speaking 10 for under $50 at Target today, and taking a slight break from configuration/training of the software. When I opened the box, one of the ear pieces on the headphones was disconnected from the head band, so I had to snap it back on. I look like a minion of a call center with it on, but hey, I could probably listen to tunes while dictating.

Before I forget, happy birthday to one of my early guitar heroes, Ritchie Blackmore. May the one time Purple member have more riffs at his finger tips for as long as he needs them.

Back to the headphones that came with the software: I'm almost tempted to make an occasional audio post to upload on FA from time to time. It might not be like my old phone posts, but it might be longer than what LJ allows... perhaps a bit blue as well, who knows.

Oh yeah, didn't need to do labs this week after all; I could have used that needed hour for shut-eye.

Screw you Time-Warner each time I miss a new Mythbusters because you don't think I deserve such basic cable stalwarts as Discovery.
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This morning I had assumed that it was Avastin only for my chemo session.
Silly kid, you forgot who ordered up your schedule.
Well it was just about everything but Avastin today, so I caught up on a little sleep since I also assumed on the briefness to the point of not bringing Portabrayne with me to ICC.

Next week it is only Avastin since I got the new cycle schedule, it is spelled out quite clearly.
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Yeah, I really did take a badly need nap during chemo today since I was at L-5 last night manning the recorder during an audition for another, more straight-ahead style of drummer. Having shown up at 7pm last night, LT and I waited until SV showed up at about 8:30p to wait for another hour and fifteen for the auditionee. L&S want to try this guy out since they feel that the guy who has been coming in is too busy in style and not straight ahead enough for the style they are playing. When the candidate showed up at about 10p, we had very little time to get some files recorded for him to practice or osmosis to. We didn't leave until just before midnight.

The one thing I took from this time around: I should have bought a pair of bongos when the cash was at hand: I was absently keeping some kind of time finger tapping the snare and floor tom while waiting for SV and candidate to show up.

Before I forget, I was tossed a key to the front door of the rehearsal studio; no more having to wait until somebody stops playing long enough to hear me banging on the door.
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Okay, I went to chemo @ 10am for Avastin only, just to find out that there was a goof-up and I was to get the whole shibang. What was supposed to be an hour and change, turned out to be until almost 2pm. I should have taken the laptop for the jollies!


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