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Is the internet played out, to the point of being one big "Meh" in regards to it having that exciting and new to it?
Or is it just me and the situation I'm now in that feels like that, I don't know.
Maybe I'm just into the "it is just a utility" phase of seeing things, just need email and a few directions via Mapquest or something.

I don't know, but I'm feeling rather meh right now anyway.
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Damn, looks like the truck's alternator is going gimpy on me. With a whole week of medically-related crap (my oncology stuff and Madre getting her last cateract taken care of).

Sounds like a fun fucking week.

At least taking the weekend away from the intertubenethingamajig was the best idea I've had for a while.
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Even though it by all means "'Shopped" and having all but six vehicles displayed, this page does have some cool memories of SF past and is written as if functional vehicles do exist.
Sci-Fi Airshow
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Good news: The hospital's wifi is up.
Bad news: I can't go *everywhere*! Blocking rules prevent me from seeing or going to some content. Like some vids of towing_fail.
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The only place I could get to was Facebook while at chemo today. Not even web-based email was possible, so I napped to a re-broadcast of last night's Tribe game.


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