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Went to my brother's new (to him) place in Rocky River today. He wanted a fixer this time around, that's what he got. As of now there isn't a kitchen at all, as that room is completely gutted and a new triple door stainless steel fridge doing its duty in the dining room. Overall the house is smaller than the one in Ridgeville, but is quicker to get at. With us, we brought along a copy of "The Fabulous Mr. Fox" for the young ones to watch. I still find that whistle-clicking the main character does (not so often as I find,) is still annoying.
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Fine, thank you. A tad busy, but that is to be expected with everything I gotta deal with.

Yesterday at the oncologist's office, Dr. "M" noted that one of the blood markers that measure the amount of cancer cells has been reduced to near-normal levels. Next week when I have more blood work done, a copy will be sent to Dr. "V" for her files.
On Sunday was a small family get-together in which the youngest niece was officially baptized into the Roman Catholic church. St. Peter church is a very tiny place for a RC house of worship, considering that North Ridgeville is still primarily rural in nature; modern "suburbia" is slowly making inroads there as my brother's current (and soon to be ex) household is: a development of only less than a decade in age.

I can say this about my niece: she really loves being the center of attention. Maybe she'll go into acting in another18+ years...

Save for a couple of discs I have to hand edit the listings and upload to Gracenote, my entire CD library has now been re-riped. Next I'll raid somebody's own collection for the stuff I had on file as well. Oh yeah, download what I have on FA as well.
I finally got the pop-rivet gun, ended up having to go to the power fastener aisle of the blue hardware store to find the cheapest they had. K-Mart, Sears, and Autozone all failed me in my quest to find one.
Lastly, last week Monday I visited L-5 again, only this time to check out things at a studio called Iron Lung. In a prior life, L-5 building was at one time a very small medical supply house, and happened to leave an iron lung on the top floor as part of what was left behind when things went flat there. For those too young to even remember of such things, an iron lung was used to respirate polio patients. The down side is that they would have to pretty much stay in the chamber for who knows how long. Getting back to what I was talking about, the studio makes the one LT has seem more like my meager setup in comparison. It was mostly vocal tracks that were done this time around by LT. He had to go through a few takes to get close to what he wanted, but someone down in one of the rehearsal rooms ruined the take by power-thumping a drum kit at the wrong time, in spite of the main control room in which the vox were being sung in being of a room-within-a-room construction. Before I left , SV arrived and setup his Roland keyboard to lay down some synth parts. I don't know how they went.
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Alright then, it seems like there might be a little light at the end of this tunnel financially. I've set up $100 a month payment plan with one of the collection agencies. I've also added up all monthly bills including this latest one I'll be paying for each new month and counting out anything that might come up once in a while, I'll be paying a total of $667.50 per month. I hope this works in the long run. Who knows, I might be able to afford a cell phone again someday. We'll see, it just means I won't have a whole lot with Social Security disability and my part-time hours adding up to not much of any savings, let alone any discretionary spending. In fact, I have to check my account perhaps tomorrow to see if SS-D has been directly deposited.

It seems like when my brothers has put upon himself the task of reconstructing our father's military records which were lost in the fire of 1973. Madre does remember that she has his discharge papers, so that will be a start.

It looks like Lee will have to look for another drummer again, it seems like one of them is not working out as planned it might be the more jazzy drummer for all I know. I don't know if I will be going to L-5 tomorrow or not, as I have not received any calls as of right now.

Side note: I'm still teaching this dictation software my manner of speech, it can be a real digitard at times, a certifiable binary buffoon. It would probably help if my voice didn't sound of hoarse due to the nasal- gastronomy tube that I had down my nose for about a month. Maybe someday I'll post something unedited, just to let everyone know silly this software can get at times. Sound good?
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As far as today is concerned, it was very quiet except for when someone bought $300 worth of diesel with $10 bills.
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First of all, happy birthday to those who have it today on the Ides of March!

Just received word that Tom O., who was running for the republican nomination for the 10th US Congressional district here in O-Hi-O has dropped out without giving reason. But he did say to "watch this space..."

Another oncologist visit was today, now I'm at 216lbs. I had better keep it there for my own good. I won't be going in again for two weeks, so I'd might want to have next Monday scheduled for work to keep me active.

I should get to my laundry/medicaid re-app/whatever right now.
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If one hasn't notice from my ever changing layout; in which I can't seem to stay with one style/color scheme to satisfy me for anything longer than the half life of a dayfly, that I added a link to my Facebook page that I just added yesterday. Why on this crazy planet did I even think of going with the herd? Primarily to stay in touch with family, even though I live a bit over a football field's length away from one sibling.

This isn't about that, but finding a past friend from the old campus BOHS days is still alive and everything. Mr. P as I will refer him to, was a fellow musician of the a little clique I was part of. In fact I was the guitarist (for a lack of better phrasing) in a garage project of his until I moved to CLE back in '77. He was the bassist in the whole thing, owning a reasonable but nameless Jazz bass copy. Right now, we are catching up, 140 characters max, over the past 32 years. He knows about my current medical state, and sends well-wishes.

I gotta post this, as I must reboot the yaptop.


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