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I'm the bearer of bad news today but not of losing a job thankfully, but of losing a friend and former (as of early January) station boss in Jerry. He died at 65 years on Monday night due to complications of undiagnosed lung cancer-induced pneumonia. He was admitted to hospital on Friday with the pneumonia. He did better over the weekend, but was back in ICU early Monday where he crashed for the last time latter that day.

He will be cremated with a memorial later this spring.
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If one hasn't notice from my ever changing layout; in which I can't seem to stay with one style/color scheme to satisfy me for anything longer than the half life of a dayfly, that I added a link to my Facebook page that I just added yesterday. Why on this crazy planet did I even think of going with the herd? Primarily to stay in touch with family, even though I live a bit over a football field's length away from one sibling.

This isn't about that, but finding a past friend from the old campus BOHS days is still alive and everything. Mr. P as I will refer him to, was a fellow musician of the a little clique I was part of. In fact I was the guitarist (for a lack of better phrasing) in a garage project of his until I moved to CLE back in '77. He was the bassist in the whole thing, owning a reasonable but nameless Jazz bass copy. Right now, we are catching up, 140 characters max, over the past 32 years. He knows about my current medical state, and sends well-wishes.

I gotta post this, as I must reboot the yaptop.


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