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Long time no post again, eh? Not being to sit at the computer for any longer than 5 minutes a stretch will do it.

Getting my last chemo until after I recover from the Great Re-Attachment in a couple of weeks, but I'll be going through pre-admission testing this Tuesday. I'll have to see an orthopedic specialist sometime in the future about my right knee sometime in the future, it feels tight and sore right now.

I've yet to get time to upload what meager amount of car show pics I have, even though I'm wasn't real impressed much with what this year's show had to offer.
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First of all, happy birthday to those who have it today on the Ides of March!

Just received word that Tom O., who was running for the republican nomination for the 10th US Congressional district here in O-Hi-O has dropped out without giving reason. But he did say to "watch this space..."

Another oncologist visit was today, now I'm at 216lbs. I had better keep it there for my own good. I won't be going in again for two weeks, so I'd might want to have next Monday scheduled for work to keep me active.

I should get to my laundry/medicaid re-app/whatever right now.


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