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Today I was supposed to have an appeal hearing about my problem with Medicaid as to why certain medical bills are not being taken care of.

Beef #1: This the reason I still call MapQuest "the internet's compass-with a broken needle": The directions called for me to take a right on E.13th from Superior to get to the Cleveland office on Payne [Bzzzt!] The office is at the intersection of E.17th and Payne!

Beef#2: My appointment was for 8am, but the offices aren't open before 8, they open at8! Couple that with being there for the first time and not knowing where the room was, I ended up being late anyway and I have to reschedule the hearing for a more convenient day/time.
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Once again the oncologist is pleased with my progress to this point, but was surprised that he never got the financial assistance paperwork even though I now have 'caid. We're figuring that Dr. V got the honors of dealing with that instead!
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The call to get enrolled with a MCP didn't take even fifteen minutes, and I chose the recommended CareSource. Typical of myself I forgot to ask about the stack of med bills I seemed to have collected, and what to do about them. [whacks upside of own head]


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