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Will be uploading pix when I get a chance.
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I'll be bringing the rack up to, um, X.1 status by removing the stomp box/ dead Zoom multi-fx shelf when the three mystery items from Muso-Friendo come perhaps on Monday... Same day as I'll hopefully know when my next CAT will be.
What I can say is:
1. Will replace Dead Zoom box
2. Something I know I wanted in the rack, but never got around to it.
3. Something I should have never gotten rid of in the first place.
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Heading to Level-5 tonight, with bass in hand.
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Well I guess the old Zoom multi-fx has reached the end-of-line in terms of usefullness: I can get nothing coming out even if I plug something directly into it. May as well gank it and take a sledge hammer to it. As for the Boss Multi-fx, the watch battery that holds its memory has gakked on me, so I'll have to go through the PITA activity of ganking that out just to replace it. While I'm at it, might as well just remove the sliding shelf that all the stomps are on, and move everything else up a few spaces.

I tried to record a couple things tonight, but I wasn't real excited about results. The months away from it doesn't help any, by any measure.


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