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Once a month as part of my bloodwork done a day before my chemo session, I'm usually given a cup and told to go to the restroom to give a sample. The results are then set to Dr. "M" my oncologist who tells me on my every third week visit how great things are getting.

Huston, we have a teeny-weeny problem: I have elevated protein levels in my pee. No session today... and none for next week for that matter. A quick visit to his office (and at the last minute) confirmed what the chemo nurse surmised, that the Avastin is affecting the kidneys to output the extra protein, so I won't be getting the blood vessel-inhibiting drug during these two weeks (it was going to be Avastin only next week anyway). I find some irony in this, as I will be taken off the drug a month or so before the Great Reattatchment so the operation can have the best chance of success.

In other health news, I my be allergic to something.
When I was briefly at ICC today, I showed my assigned chemo nurse the rashes on my hands that I've had for the last week since I was there, I even told Dr. "M" this and he scripted me for OTC Claritin to see if it helps. If it doesn't, he might have to recommend an allergist to see what it might be.
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First the bad: I'm up to 238 lbs now.

The potential good: Depending on the continual blood work results and what the next CAT in six months, I have three (at least) outcomes:
1. I continue chemo after that point.
2. I stop all chemo except for taking an oral version of Fluorouracil (a.k.a. 5-F.U.) at home.
3. Totally stop chemo. I still go through tests to keep an eye on the tumors.
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My CAT results: 38% more shrinkage, with any lung lesions clear. The only non-shrinkage is one in the liver at about 2cm in size: it hasn't grown, but it hasn't shrunk either. Dr. M believes it might be scar tissue but keep an eye out just in case.
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Fine, thank you. A tad busy, but that is to be expected with everything I gotta deal with.

Yesterday at the oncologist's office, Dr. "M" noted that one of the blood markers that measure the amount of cancer cells has been reduced to near-normal levels. Next week when I have more blood work done, a copy will be sent to Dr. "V" for her files.
On Sunday was a small family get-together in which the youngest niece was officially baptized into the Roman Catholic church. St. Peter church is a very tiny place for a RC house of worship, considering that North Ridgeville is still primarily rural in nature; modern "suburbia" is slowly making inroads there as my brother's current (and soon to be ex) household is: a development of only less than a decade in age.

I can say this about my niece: she really loves being the center of attention. Maybe she'll go into acting in another18+ years...

Save for a couple of discs I have to hand edit the listings and upload to Gracenote, my entire CD library has now been re-riped. Next I'll raid somebody's own collection for the stuff I had on file as well. Oh yeah, download what I have on FA as well.
I finally got the pop-rivet gun, ended up having to go to the power fastener aisle of the blue hardware store to find the cheapest they had. K-Mart, Sears, and Autozone all failed me in my quest to find one.
Lastly, last week Monday I visited L-5 again, only this time to check out things at a studio called Iron Lung. In a prior life, L-5 building was at one time a very small medical supply house, and happened to leave an iron lung on the top floor as part of what was left behind when things went flat there. For those too young to even remember of such things, an iron lung was used to respirate polio patients. The down side is that they would have to pretty much stay in the chamber for who knows how long. Getting back to what I was talking about, the studio makes the one LT has seem more like my meager setup in comparison. It was mostly vocal tracks that were done this time around by LT. He had to go through a few takes to get close to what he wanted, but someone down in one of the rehearsal rooms ruined the take by power-thumping a drum kit at the wrong time, in spite of the main control room in which the vox were being sung in being of a room-within-a-room construction. Before I left , SV arrived and setup his Roland keyboard to lay down some synth parts. I don't know how they went.


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