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Hey, how are all ya?
Obviously I could be doing better (like posting more often,) but really the same old-same old would get more boring than I'd care to talk about. If one hasn't noticed, I've put my postings on LJ under friends-only lock again. Anybody who wants to read my posts under public level will have to go to my DW account from now on.
No Level-5 tonight, so I just strummed around and watched the Tribe lose another game. When baseball is totally done for the year, will I get back on the creative track again, or at least get the Throbadelic Core(R) back up and running properly? Or a new "Battle Axe" chapter/ "Robots of Future Past" completion (this one about the LIS robot "B-9")?

Getting late, might as well post as-is...
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I finally broke down and bought a copy of Naturally Speaking 10 for under $50 at Target today, and taking a slight break from configuration/training of the software. When I opened the box, one of the ear pieces on the headphones was disconnected from the head band, so I had to snap it back on. I look like a minion of a call center with it on, but hey, I could probably listen to tunes while dictating.

Before I forget, happy birthday to one of my early guitar heroes, Ritchie Blackmore. May the one time Purple member have more riffs at his finger tips for as long as he needs them.

Back to the headphones that came with the software: I'm almost tempted to make an occasional audio post to upload on FA from time to time. It might not be like my old phone posts, but it might be longer than what LJ allows... perhaps a bit blue as well, who knows.

Oh yeah, didn't need to do labs this week after all; I could have used that needed hour for shut-eye.

Screw you Time-Warner each time I miss a new Mythbusters because you don't think I deserve such basic cable stalwarts as Discovery.
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So nice today I was actually wearing my cutoff sweat pants after work. Huzzah!

The old boss came to the station this afternoon, based on a hunch about me. Since he blew up the motor in his Honda Accord a couple months ago, he for some reason has decided to tool around in a Toyota. I just hope it has a mechanical throttle.

The more I think about it and when I wear them, I should have had the 'script sunglasses made bifocal.


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