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Digsby re-installed and working. But not tonight, chemo tomorrow.
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Alright then, it seems like there might be a little light at the end of this tunnel financially. I've set up $100 a month payment plan with one of the collection agencies. I've also added up all monthly bills including this latest one I'll be paying for each new month and counting out anything that might come up once in a while, I'll be paying a total of $667.50 per month. I hope this works in the long run. Who knows, I might be able to afford a cell phone again someday. We'll see, it just means I won't have a whole lot with Social Security disability and my part-time hours adding up to not much of any savings, let alone any discretionary spending. In fact, I have to check my account perhaps tomorrow to see if SS-D has been directly deposited.

It seems like when my brothers has put upon himself the task of reconstructing our father's military records which were lost in the fire of 1973. Madre does remember that she has his discharge papers, so that will be a start.

It looks like Lee will have to look for another drummer again, it seems like one of them is not working out as planned it might be the more jazzy drummer for all I know. I don't know if I will be going to L-5 tomorrow or not, as I have not received any calls as of right now.

Side note: I'm still teaching this dictation software my manner of speech, it can be a real digitard at times, a certifiable binary buffoon. It would probably help if my voice didn't sound of hoarse due to the nasal- gastronomy tube that I had down my nose for about a month. Maybe someday I'll post something unedited, just to let everyone know silly this software can get at times. Sound good?
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I finally broke down and bought a copy of Naturally Speaking 10 for under $50 at Target today, and taking a slight break from configuration/training of the software. When I opened the box, one of the ear pieces on the headphones was disconnected from the head band, so I had to snap it back on. I look like a minion of a call center with it on, but hey, I could probably listen to tunes while dictating.

Before I forget, happy birthday to one of my early guitar heroes, Ritchie Blackmore. May the one time Purple member have more riffs at his finger tips for as long as he needs them.

Back to the headphones that came with the software: I'm almost tempted to make an occasional audio post to upload on FA from time to time. It might not be like my old phone posts, but it might be longer than what LJ allows... perhaps a bit blue as well, who knows.

Oh yeah, didn't need to do labs this week after all; I could have used that needed hour for shut-eye.

Screw you Time-Warner each time I miss a new Mythbusters because you don't think I deserve such basic cable stalwarts as Discovery.
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Huh, seems like Southwest General's WI-FI thinks the Shareware Music site I subscribe to thinks VST plug-ins are objectional material. Could be that SWG doesn't want people to clog bandwidth with downloads going all the time.
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Hi dere,
Last night brought another trip to Level-5 to help with things that are going on. The travel north on 71 was crazier than the return, as I couldn't do better than 50mph getting there with late afternoon rush traffic in play as well. After banging on the door long enough to get inside the actually non-descript building that is L-5, I had to wait until somebody to let me into the actual room itself; the studio area is separated the main office door by a good distance, so getting anyone's attention was adventure in unto itself.
Anyway, the trio went through some tunes while I manned the studio computer hitting record and spacebar when needed. Real important stuff considering that the drummer needs to learn the material that will be recorded under more intense conditions (probably one musician at a time being recorded, instead of all at once with lottsa cross-bleed from the mikes.) I like this drummer: he has good and subtle jazz technique that he uses in a more rock-like context; as if Keith Moon made a strong, but sane impression early in this guy's life. This guy doesn't go wild like Moonie did, but uses the sticks in a manner that makes it possible to come up with great drum patterns.

I did make what is hoped to be a slight streamline of sop by making a "Universal Default" file for Sonar by making a copy of a track file, erasing the recorded tracks but leaving the mike settings as is so one can bring up the file, save it under whatever title/date format one wants, and record away.

I should really get my own rig up and recording right now...


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