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The operation to reattach my colon to my rectum failed Tuesday, so I'll have to wear the bag for the rest of my life. If there's ant upside to this, I've sat in the same very uncomfortable chair for hours.
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I finally have a target date for the "Great Reconnect": April 5th. I got this due to a communications problem between the doctors' offices, because I forgot that I myself had to schedule the surgery myself so the oncologist can know when to put a hold on the Avastin treatments. Took care of this yesterday. Now I must use this time to prep for hopefully but a week's stay this time.
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Had a visit in Dr. V's office after chemo today, she still wants to reverse the ostomy. That will be predicated on when my next CAT is done so she herself can get the results, and to give Dr. M s heads up on to cut off the Avastin for 5~6 week beforehand of procedure. While in there she will take care of the hernia that I didn't know that was there until today... I only felt anything if I sneeze hard enough!
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Earlier I let loose on this page that I might have something to say about my medical future in regards to my current condition. Well here's the current low down: Shortly after the holidays, I'll be letting Dr. V reattach my tailpipe so I'll be able to get rid of *The Bag*. It seems that Dr.s V&M met up with each other recently at SWGHC and I was mentioned, and Dr. M said my progress was going splendidly. When I saw Dr. M on Monday, he told me of this and advised for me to make an appointment with Dr. V asap. I had scheduled it for about 2:30 this afternoon, but got out of Ireland CC about an hour and a half before my scheduled visit, so I went to the Sunrise Deli in the main lobby and grabbed a V8 and surfed the net a little more.

Arriving at Dr. V's office at 2pm, I pretty much starred at her aquarium for about 45 minutes while in the waiting room. I really don't know what she has in there for sure, but I know that there are three angel fish, two mini catfish, a black and orange fish that looks like a salt-water clown fish, and three others that I have not a notion as to what they are.

Anyway, after being called in by one of the assistants and shown the room I was to go in; blood pressure taken and a remark that I look different (I regained weight I had lost because of the NPO restriction I was on during my initial stay last year,) I must have waited about another 30~45 minutes for Dr. V herself to come in. Before a very TMI-type of exam I had to endure, we agreed that the procedure would be better if it was done after the holidays, but I'll know better after a follow-up on December 15th.


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