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Today I was supposed to have an appeal hearing about my problem with Medicaid as to why certain medical bills are not being taken care of.

Beef #1: This the reason I still call MapQuest "the internet's compass-with a broken needle": The directions called for me to take a right on E.13th from Superior to get to the Cleveland office on Payne [Bzzzt!] The office is at the intersection of E.17th and Payne!

Beef#2: My appointment was for 8am, but the offices aren't open before 8, they open at8! Couple that with being there for the first time and not knowing where the room was, I ended up being late anyway and I have to reschedule the hearing for a more convenient day/time.
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What can be said outside of the cut is that I was scheduled for 2:45p, but forgot to go in an hour earlier. After drinking the berry flavored Barium shake quickly (not because it was tasty, it was, I was famished at the time.) I had to wait alone in the waiting room for the Barium to make its way through.
All day yesterday and up until 1pm today have been as close to painfully unbearable as I 've had since my medical situation happened in the first place, with having to run to the can to empty the bag way too often for where I was at (at work,) possibly losing business whie I was taking care of things.
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Feels and looks like one of those "I'm so full of **it" kind of days. 4 times of emptying the bag so far since coming back from the oncologist's office this morning.
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Thanks to the demented sibling that is my youngest sister, a body function can now at least be imitated. You see, a stoma might be the "straight pipe" of having to go in my current condition, but doing so on my terms is something I miss; like doing my business before a shower.

Anyhow, being childishly scatological was one of the things that, for now, went bye-bye in the surgery. Not anymore! Now I have in my grubby hooves the means of amusing myself silly that not only looks like a huge snot ball, but is a very convincing way of artificial trepidation.

The phart bit comes when trying to put the snot ball back into the storage cup. Take a couple of fingers to shove the goo into the cup... phhhhht!

Oh $#!7

Jan. 18th, 2010 11:37 pm
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I hope my ostomy bag order is delivered tomorrow as requested, I'm wearing the last one I had.

I had a very heavy weekend.


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