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Its amazing how nearly nothing happens when one is for all but absent on LJ...

Go the upcoming chemo schedule up until the first week of July: looks like I'll be getting another half-hour of sleep from now on, but I'll still have chemo. I wonder how much more I have to go through.

"T" will be more than likely will be away from work until the end of the month, so I'll be doing at least a couple 6a~2 or3p shifts until then. Her mother came through the operation, but not without being spared a mild stroke and a small heart attack in the process. Somebody give this family a break already?!

I'll have to beg/borrow/buy a pop rivet gun, as there is something hanging by a wiring harness underneath the S-10, and I don't know how long it has been like that to begin with.
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Since "T" will be taking some tie off because of her mother's own cancer situation, the hours at the station will be divided accordingly.

I get to work this Friday from 6am until 1pm. That's right, 6 in the "What the frog were you thinking?!" Morning.

Hello 4am alarm setting!
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Without realizing, I didn't know I had to work until 5pm today. This meant that I couldn't go to Ireland CC to submit to a blood letting for lab work. I did go anyway, but ICC was closed for the day when I got there. I had a feeling that I should have left earlier this morning to have it done before work for some reason. Now I know why too late.
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Had work last night, went in at 2pm and did basically a two hour shift until the next person showed up to take the register over. Until 8pm I did light cleaning and stocking, but not lifting anything heavier than a full case of 20oz. soft drinks. Youngest sister and her husband showed up for a light chat to kill some idle time towards the end of my assigned shift time.

Today and tomorrow: back to the 4pm~midnight shift I was doing before this colon rubbish happened.
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So much for a second day of retraining; had two "oops!" moments this time.
Will be at L-5 tonight to be assistant to the assistant engineer... or something like that.
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I miss-read the work schedule for this week: I wasn't supposed to report in today, but I did anyway.
Tomorrow is supposed to be my next work/retraining day.
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The first day back has been long coming, but I'm glad I was there. Some procedures have changed as well as the register, but I'll manage save for a couple of "oops" moments on said register. I even got to the point where I started to dust merchandise. By the looks of the grime, it was a good choice due to the crud I wiped up.
For the foreseeable, it looks like I'll be doing about 15 hours a week for a while, but its better than being couch/computer desk potato.
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And I go back in on Monday, after I visit Dr. M at 10am. I'll be going through paperwork and start retraining on the Ruby system.
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Station manager wants to see me tomorrow after 10am. Hopefully he got the green light from the new people to get me back on duty!
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Remember a prior entry that I'd try to get written permits to return to work? I know I did write about it...
Anywhoze, both offices were more than happy to comply, as I'm now holding on to two written okie-dokies to get back to duty. I almost immediately high-tailed it to the station to hand them to the boss. He told me to hold on to them until he gets in touch with his higher-ups. Heres to getting back into the game, now to get some action on the Medicaid front...


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