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"I hope he gets the kind of church coffee that relies on faith to make one scant teaspoonful of cheap instant serve thirty members of the congregation."  - [personal profile] sillymouse 

Context is non-believers culturally appropriating churches for nebulous reasons
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[personal profile] keith_morrison has ideas about how Earth ended up running the Federation....

"So, fellow ambassadors, where should we designate as the capital, bearing in mind the long history and proud traditions many of our members have and taking into account--"

"The humans will screw anyone, won't they?"

"Um...well...well, yes."

"Earth. If it's not going to be my homeworld, at least make it one where the natives are up for some fun."

As Spock would surely say, the context is only logical, Captain.
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Art: Push and Pull (Star Trek:Discovery)

The first two episodes and the team of captain and commander inspired this. It’s taken from a shot in the series.Read more... )