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2011-01-05 10:50 pm
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The Package has Arrived

Will be uploading pix when I get a chance.
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2010-12-30 05:33 pm
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Long (asked?) er, delayed rack update

I'll be bringing the rack up to, um, X.1 status by removing the stomp box/ dead Zoom multi-fx shelf when the three mystery items from Muso-Friendo come perhaps on Monday... Same day as I'll hopefully know when my next CAT will be.
What I can say is:
1. Will replace Dead Zoom box
2. Something I know I wanted in the rack, but never got around to it.
3. Something I should have never gotten rid of in the first place.
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2010-09-29 04:08 pm
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I'm My Own Car DJ Now

Since Rok has not but a radio of the AM/FM variety, I recently did something about it by buying a couple months ago a small 2 gig MP3 player. There have been times where I wasn't in the mood (or the session like today but an hour,) to take the lappy with me to chemo. I'd just kick back catch some Z's and listen while the infuser does its thing. The only hard part is what I'll put in it.
Yesterday I finally had the impetus to actually get a Gigaware Universal Transmitter to play the music through Rok's aforementioned radio.
Results: Aside from some fine tuning to make sure I was on an empty station and gain levels, it works as expected. It is too bad nobody thought of putting a 1/8" stereo aux input in car radios until as of late, the quality would be much better.