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Taking a day out to relax, especially since I'm having an off week from chemo this go-around, is exactly what I need. In spite of that, I still awake in the morning with the same worries I've been having for a while now.

Last night there was a rehearsal scheduled, but only me and LT showed up. Since LT runs L-5, he did about the only thing he needed to: change a lock on one of the first floor rooms so a reggae band can move down there from their second story room, since they gig often. Only make sense; one less set of stairs to schelp gear.

Today I pretty much strummed and picked Blacky all afternoon, even brought one of my too many guitar instruction books out, but for some reason put it back on the shelf. Maybe I should bone-up on lead playing and scales usage.I dunno, have any ideas out there?
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Of all the books that are at hand for the Kindle, it seems that there are a profound number of copies of "The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells". About 2 1/2 to three pages of it at various price points.
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Just ordered "Paradise Lost" and the second "Chronicles of the Host" through B&N's website.
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So much for going to the the mall bookstore anymore. Southpark's Barnes & Noble is no more. Looks like I'll be using my B&N gift card online.


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