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Yup, felt the quake here in the CLE area. Strong enough to shake the LCD TV.
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Yes, I'm still alive.
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The operation to reattach my colon to my rectum failed Tuesday, so I'll have to wear the bag for the rest of my life. If there's ant upside to this, I've sat in the same very uncomfortable chair for hours.
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Long time no post again, eh? Not being to sit at the computer for any longer than 5 minutes a stretch will do it.

Getting my last chemo until after I recover from the Great Re-Attachment in a couple of weeks, but I'll be going through pre-admission testing this Tuesday. I'll have to see an orthopedic specialist sometime in the future about my right knee sometime in the future, it feels tight and sore right now.

I've yet to get time to upload what meager amount of car show pics I have, even though I'm wasn't real impressed much with what this year's show had to offer.
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(I really need to update more often...)

I'm the bearer of bad news today but not of losing a job thankfully, but of losing a friend and former (as of early January) station boss in Jerry. He died at 65 years on Monday night due to complications of undiagnosed lung cancer-induced pneumonia. He was admitted to hospital on Friday with the pneumonia. He did better over the weekend, but was back in ICU early Monday where he crashed for the last time latter that day.

He will be cremated with a memorial later this spring.
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I finally have a target date for the "Great Reconnect": April 5th. I got this due to a communications problem between the doctors' offices, because I forgot that I myself had to schedule the surgery myself so the oncologist can know when to put a hold on the Avastin treatments. Took care of this yesterday. Now I must use this time to prep for hopefully but a week's stay this time.
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Been awhile hasn't it? Other than the fact that "The Great Re-Attachment" is pretty much a go for sometime in March, not much of anything important is happening right now...
Other than my right buttock and knee giving me grief right now as they usually do once in awhile. That my medical schedule, and my work hours have cut into my creative endeavors this past year as well.
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Digsby re-installed and working. But not tonight, chemo tomorrow.
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Will be uploading pix when I get a chance.
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I'll be bringing the rack up to, um, X.1 status by removing the stomp box/ dead Zoom multi-fx shelf when the three mystery items from Muso-Friendo come perhaps on Monday... Same day as I'll hopefully know when my next CAT will be.
What I can say is:
1. Will replace Dead Zoom box
2. Something I know I wanted in the rack, but never got around to it.
3. Something I should have never gotten rid of in the first place.
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Hey, its me again.

Due to a mix up with my chemo order, I didn't have my session yesterday, but today. It seems the receptionist that over works for my oncologist is off for this week, and my orders didn't get faxed until last night. For a while I thought it was something wrong on my side, like some obscure paper work that didn't get done or something, but that wasn't the case. For the first time in weeks, I didn't feel like taking a nap while in the chair*, I guess those car/bike fab shows on Discovery was that interesting enough!

* The chairs at chemo are not Lay-Z-Boy issue. In fact, they are the most uncomfy recliners ever made.
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God bless you Bob Feller, and thanks for being who you are. The moment I found out he was put in hospice was the moment I just knew he wasn't long for this world.

Oh, and thanks for serving in WWII, the Axis should have never angered "Bob the Bullet"!
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Had a visit in Dr. V's office after chemo today, she still wants to reverse the ostomy. That will be predicated on when my next CAT is done so she herself can get the results, and to give Dr. M s heads up on to cut off the Avastin for 5~6 week beforehand of procedure. While in there she will take care of the hernia that I didn't know that was there until today... I only felt anything if I sneeze hard enough!
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Every healthy person has 1000 wishes, but a cancer patient only has one: to get better. I know 97% of you won't post this as your status, but my friends will be the 3% that do, in honor of someone who died of or is fighting cancer. This is for you RYAN
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Well received notice from Ohio's department of social services (a.k.a. "Dept of Oblah-dee, Oblah-dah") that my appeal to have another hearing has been denied. Among the usual bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo in the letter, it was claimed that I was a NO-SHOW for the scheduled hearing...

Pukies, pure and simple! I was there a half hour before my appointment, it was my unfamiliarity with the building that made me late by a few minutes, trying to find where to go. In light of this, I'm going to just say "screw 'em", and hope that some day this form of "stay busy, but do nothing-ness" is done away with.

Sheesh, even Commieland countries have/had their own Politburos to deal with!
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The rumor of Leslie Nielsen's isn't exaggerated.
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I survived another triptiphan dose day.
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While at Walgreen's, I bought an Ace bandage, Breath-Right strips and a yellow t-shirt...
but forgot to get a feather duster, again!

Oh, and no Level 5 tonight: no drummer found.
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After a two-week hiatus, I'm back to the usual schedule chemo wise.
I had to be changed over to another source of my colostomy bags. Even though in the past I paid out of pocket for my orders, Edgepark won't even do that anymore or they would loose their license to do business through Medicare/Medicaid. I did get another provider, but I'm only allowed to order one box at a time due to Medicaid restrictions.
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Today I was supposed to have an appeal hearing about my problem with Medicaid as to why certain medical bills are not being taken care of.

Beef #1: This the reason I still call MapQuest "the internet's compass-with a broken needle": The directions called for me to take a right on E.13th from Superior to get to the Cleveland office on Payne [Bzzzt!] The office is at the intersection of E.17th and Payne!

Beef#2: My appointment was for 8am, but the offices aren't open before 8, they open at8! Couple that with being there for the first time and not knowing where the room was, I ended up being late anyway and I have to reschedule the hearing for a more convenient day/time.
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