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(I really need to update more often...)

I'm the bearer of bad news today but not of losing a job thankfully, but of losing a friend and former (as of early January) station boss in Jerry. He died at 65 years on Monday night due to complications of undiagnosed lung cancer-induced pneumonia. He was admitted to hospital on Friday with the pneumonia. He did better over the weekend, but was back in ICU early Monday where he crashed for the last time latter that day.

He will be cremated with a memorial later this spring.
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God bless you Bob Feller, and thanks for being who you are. The moment I found out he was put in hospice was the moment I just knew he wasn't long for this world.

Oh, and thanks for serving in WWII, the Axis should have never angered "Bob the Bullet"!
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The rumor of Leslie Nielsen's isn't exaggerated.
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Rock photographer Jim Marshall has died at the age of 74.

Of all the JMs of the world (guitar amp company founder, football player who ran the wrong way, somebody in DC, some silly billy on LJ, et. al.,) This one actually was there at Woodstock, Monterey, and San Quentin prison to document music history.

In his honor, I have as my main wallpaper Johnny Cash flipping Jim the bird.


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