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Alright then, it seems like there might be a little light at the end of this tunnel financially. I've set up $100 a month payment plan with one of the collection agencies. I've also added up all monthly bills including this latest one I'll be paying for each new month and counting out anything that might come up once in a while, I'll be paying a total of $667.50 per month. I hope this works in the long run. Who knows, I might be able to afford a cell phone again someday. We'll see, it just means I won't have a whole lot with Social Security disability and my part-time hours adding up to not much of any savings, let alone any discretionary spending. In fact, I have to check my account perhaps tomorrow to see if SS-D has been directly deposited.

It seems like when my brothers has put upon himself the task of reconstructing our father's military records which were lost in the fire of 1973. Madre does remember that she has his discharge papers, so that will be a start.

It looks like Lee will have to look for another drummer again, it seems like one of them is not working out as planned it might be the more jazzy drummer for all I know. I don't know if I will be going to L-5 tomorrow or not, as I have not received any calls as of right now.

Side note: I'm still teaching this dictation software my manner of speech, it can be a real digitard at times, a certifiable binary buffoon. It would probably help if my voice didn't sound of hoarse due to the nasal- gastronomy tube that I had down my nose for about a month. Maybe someday I'll post something unedited, just to let everyone know silly this software can get at times. Sound good?
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The call to get enrolled with a MCP didn't take even fifteen minutes, and I chose the recommended CareSource. Typical of myself I forgot to ask about the stack of med bills I seemed to have collected, and what to do about them. [whacks upside of own head]
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Why are we goatly types soooooo easily irritated at times?
How long have I waited?
"" "" has the oncologist pestered me about this, only to have me say that the ball is in another's court?

Guess what?
Finally received notice that I've been determined to be eligible for Medicaid, and I get to pick a managed care plan (MCP). Big yips all around would be called for in this case, but there are three flies, if not more in the ointment:
1. I have to apply by tomorrow 8pm (1-14-10), or I'll have one assigned to me.
2. My doctors are with different MCPs: Oncologist is with CareSource, while the surgeon is with WellCare.
3. WellCare isn't provided as an option in the notice I received, but Buckeye Community Health Plan is. A sibling that works in health care doesn't have good things to say about them (Buckeye Community Health Plan), so I hope to avoid them as much as possible.

Ok, I have a fourth: Trying to do this online is near-impossible, so I'll have to "phone it in" tomorrow.

Yeah, that good.


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