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Hey, its me again.

Due to a mix up with my chemo order, I didn't have my session yesterday, but today. It seems the receptionist that over works for my oncologist is off for this week, and my orders didn't get faxed until last night. For a while I thought it was something wrong on my side, like some obscure paper work that didn't get done or something, but that wasn't the case. For the first time in weeks, I didn't feel like taking a nap while in the chair*, I guess those car/bike fab shows on Discovery was that interesting enough!

* The chairs at chemo are not Lay-Z-Boy issue. In fact, they are the most uncomfy recliners ever made.
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Thanks LeBron, now I can reduce my basketball intake to less than zero.
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Why are we goatly types soooooo easily irritated at times?
How long have I waited?
"" "" has the oncologist pestered me about this, only to have me say that the ball is in another's court?

Guess what?
Finally received notice that I've been determined to be eligible for Medicaid, and I get to pick a managed care plan (MCP). Big yips all around would be called for in this case, but there are three flies, if not more in the ointment:
1. I have to apply by tomorrow 8pm (1-14-10), or I'll have one assigned to me.
2. My doctors are with different MCPs: Oncologist is with CareSource, while the surgeon is with WellCare.
3. WellCare isn't provided as an option in the notice I received, but Buckeye Community Health Plan is. A sibling that works in health care doesn't have good things to say about them (Buckeye Community Health Plan), so I hope to avoid them as much as possible.

Ok, I have a fourth: Trying to do this online is near-impossible, so I'll have to "phone it in" tomorrow.

Yeah, that good.


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