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Had a visit in Dr. V's office after chemo today, she still wants to reverse the ostomy. That will be predicated on when my next CAT is done so she herself can get the results, and to give Dr. M s heads up on to cut off the Avastin for 5~6 week beforehand of procedure. While in there she will take care of the hernia that I didn't know that was there until today... I only felt anything if I sneeze hard enough!
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Today I was supposed to have an appeal hearing about my problem with Medicaid as to why certain medical bills are not being taken care of.

Beef #1: This the reason I still call MapQuest "the internet's compass-with a broken needle": The directions called for me to take a right on E.13th from Superior to get to the Cleveland office on Payne [Bzzzt!] The office is at the intersection of E.17th and Payne!

Beef#2: My appointment was for 8am, but the offices aren't open before 8, they open at8! Couple that with being there for the first time and not knowing where the room was, I ended up being late anyway and I have to reschedule the hearing for a more convenient day/time.
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Earlier I let loose on this page that I might have something to say about my medical future in regards to my current condition. Well here's the current low down: Shortly after the holidays, I'll be letting Dr. V reattach my tailpipe so I'll be able to get rid of *The Bag*. It seems that Dr.s V&M met up with each other recently at SWGHC and I was mentioned, and Dr. M said my progress was going splendidly. When I saw Dr. M on Monday, he told me of this and advised for me to make an appointment with Dr. V asap. I had scheduled it for about 2:30 this afternoon, but got out of Ireland CC about an hour and a half before my scheduled visit, so I went to the Sunrise Deli in the main lobby and grabbed a V8 and surfed the net a little more.

Arriving at Dr. V's office at 2pm, I pretty much starred at her aquarium for about 45 minutes while in the waiting room. I really don't know what she has in there for sure, but I know that there are three angel fish, two mini catfish, a black and orange fish that looks like a salt-water clown fish, and three others that I have not a notion as to what they are.

Anyway, after being called in by one of the assistants and shown the room I was to go in; blood pressure taken and a remark that I look different (I regained weight I had lost because of the NPO restriction I was on during my initial stay last year,) I must have waited about another 30~45 minutes for Dr. V herself to come in. Before a very TMI-type of exam I had to endure, we agreed that the procedure would be better if it was done after the holidays, but I'll know better after a follow-up on December 15th.
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My CAT results: 38% more shrinkage, with any lung lesions clear. The only non-shrinkage is one in the liver at about 2cm in size: it hasn't grown, but it hasn't shrunk either. Dr. M believes it might be scar tissue but keep an eye out just in case.
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What can be said outside of the cut is that I was scheduled for 2:45p, but forgot to go in an hour earlier. After drinking the berry flavored Barium shake quickly (not because it was tasty, it was, I was famished at the time.) I had to wait alone in the waiting room for the Barium to make its way through.
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About the only updates I can offer as of now, is that I have a CT scan for next week Thursday. That, and today is another sibling's BD.

Oh, I really should shower so I can get a copy of IM's "The Final Frontier" and the finally released American version of "Max Headroom". I found that I also should replace the truck's serpentine when I finally get to the alternator swap.

I should be more enthused than this.
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A little bummer news from today's chemo nurse: my white count is a little bit lower than usual, but I feel fine: no fever, but had a case of the green apple two-step yesterday.
I did get the truck's oil and diff gear oil changed after chemo. I should plan on having the fuel filter, radiator and tranny fluids changed out next time.
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Fine, thank you. A tad busy, but that is to be expected with everything I gotta deal with.

Yesterday at the oncologist's office, Dr. "M" noted that one of the blood markers that measure the amount of cancer cells has been reduced to near-normal levels. Next week when I have more blood work done, a copy will be sent to Dr. "V" for her files.
On Sunday was a small family get-together in which the youngest niece was officially baptized into the Roman Catholic church. St. Peter church is a very tiny place for a RC house of worship, considering that North Ridgeville is still primarily rural in nature; modern "suburbia" is slowly making inroads there as my brother's current (and soon to be ex) household is: a development of only less than a decade in age.

I can say this about my niece: she really loves being the center of attention. Maybe she'll go into acting in another18+ years...

Save for a couple of discs I have to hand edit the listings and upload to Gracenote, my entire CD library has now been re-riped. Next I'll raid somebody's own collection for the stuff I had on file as well. Oh yeah, download what I have on FA as well.
I finally got the pop-rivet gun, ended up having to go to the power fastener aisle of the blue hardware store to find the cheapest they had. K-Mart, Sears, and Autozone all failed me in my quest to find one.
Lastly, last week Monday I visited L-5 again, only this time to check out things at a studio called Iron Lung. In a prior life, L-5 building was at one time a very small medical supply house, and happened to leave an iron lung on the top floor as part of what was left behind when things went flat there. For those too young to even remember of such things, an iron lung was used to respirate polio patients. The down side is that they would have to pretty much stay in the chamber for who knows how long. Getting back to what I was talking about, the studio makes the one LT has seem more like my meager setup in comparison. It was mostly vocal tracks that were done this time around by LT. He had to go through a few takes to get close to what he wanted, but someone down in one of the rehearsal rooms ruined the take by power-thumping a drum kit at the wrong time, in spite of the main control room in which the vox were being sung in being of a room-within-a-room construction. Before I left , SV arrived and setup his Roland keyboard to lay down some synth parts. I don't know how they went.
All day yesterday and up until 1pm today have been as close to painfully unbearable as I 've had since my medical situation happened in the first place, with having to run to the can to empty the bag way too often for where I was at (at work,) possibly losing business whie I was taking care of things.
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Without realizing, I didn't know I had to work until 5pm today. This meant that I couldn't go to Ireland CC to submit to a blood letting for lab work. I did go anyway, but ICC was closed for the day when I got there. I had a feeling that I should have left earlier this morning to have it done before work for some reason. Now I know why too late.
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Comments disabled because it is too early, and I'm in no mood arguing with Teabag Partiers: They yell and scream, and don't know about spell-check.

Under the President's Plan for Reform:
If you have health insurance through your employer and you like your plan, you can keep it.
If you're a small business owner, you'll receive new tax credits that make it easier for you to provide coverage for employees if you choose to do so.
If you have Medicare, the President's plan guarantees that your benefits will not be cut, and the Medicare Trust Fund will be extended for more than 9 years.
If you're uninsured, you could receive a tax credit to help pay for coverage if needed -- part of the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history.
If you buy your own insurance, there will be new protections from insurance company abuses, and tax credits will make coverage more affordable.

The President's Plan Guarantees that:
You will never be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.
You will never again be hit with arbitrary health insurance premium hikes.

If We Do Not Pass Reform:
Up to 17 million more people will be uninsured by 2019.
Insurers can continue their massive and arbitrary premium rate increases -- such as Anthem Blue Cross raising rates for customers in California by nearly 40%, and rates in Illinois going up by as much as 60%.
As many as 275,000 people could die prematurely over the next 10 years because they don't have health insurance.
The average family's health care costs will nearly double by 2020, from $13,000 to $24,000.
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Just got back from the Surgery Center, but not for me this time: Its Madre's turn!
She went in for cataract surgery at seven in the morning, everything went well according to the Ophthaimalogist who did the surgery. For the next twenty-four hours she will have a patch over her right eye, soooo...
I dubbed her "Pirate Mom"!

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Once again the oncologist is pleased with my progress to this point, but was surprised that he never got the financial assistance paperwork even though I now have 'caid. We're figuring that Dr. V got the honors of dealing with that instead!
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The call to get enrolled with a MCP didn't take even fifteen minutes, and I chose the recommended CareSource. Typical of myself I forgot to ask about the stack of med bills I seemed to have collected, and what to do about them. [whacks upside of own head]
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Why are we goatly types soooooo easily irritated at times?
How long have I waited?
"" "" has the oncologist pestered me about this, only to have me say that the ball is in another's court?

Guess what?
Finally received notice that I've been determined to be eligible for Medicaid, and I get to pick a managed care plan (MCP). Big yips all around would be called for in this case, but there are three flies, if not more in the ointment:
1. I have to apply by tomorrow 8pm (1-14-10), or I'll have one assigned to me.
2. My doctors are with different MCPs: Oncologist is with CareSource, while the surgeon is with WellCare.
3. WellCare isn't provided as an option in the notice I received, but Buckeye Community Health Plan is. A sibling that works in health care doesn't have good things to say about them (Buckeye Community Health Plan), so I hope to avoid them as much as possible.

Ok, I have a fourth: Trying to do this online is near-impossible, so I'll have to "phone it in" tomorrow.

Yeah, that good.


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